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Air Quality/GHG/Odour - Alberta

News Articles

Latest articles and reports related to agricultural air quality.


Fact Sheets

List of fact sheets on various gases and substances emitted from livestock operations. The fact sheets address basic information on these pollutants: how they are emitted, what are the implications to the health and wellness of animals and human beings, what are the methods to mitigate and control these pollutants.

Ammonia Emissions and Safety: AAFRD
Hydrogen Sulphide
Particulate Matter
Dust Control for Livestock Buildings: AAFRD
Meeting Odour Head On: Dealing With Livestock Odour Concerns: AAFRD
Meeting Odour Head On: How Does Alberta Legislation Address Odour? AAFRD
Meeting Odour Head On: Measuring Odour: AAFRD
Meeting Odour Head On: Odour Reduction Practices - Animal Diets and Land Application of Manure: AAFRD
Meeting Odour Head On: Odour Reduction Practices - Considerations for Site, Buildings, Manure Storage and Treatment: AAFRD
Meeting Odour Head On: Frequently Asked Questions on Livestock Odour
Manure Gas: CPS
Human Health
Farmer Lung: OSH
Respiratory protection for producers: AAFRD
Protecting workers in livestock buildings from dust and gases: CPS

Research Papers

List of recent scientific research reports regarding air quality and animal agriculture.

What should I know about air quality in pig buildings: Prairie Swine Centre
Iowa Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation Air Quality Study

Ammonia Reduction - Dutch Development Studies: AAFRD

Hydrogen Sulphide
Hydrogen Sulfide: Human Health Aspects: United Nations Environment Program, the International Labour Organization, and the World Health Organization
Health effects of hydrogen sulphide: knowledge gaps: Literature Review: Alberta Environment



Other Substances

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